2016 Sydney Classic Bicycle Show, Sat 19 March

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Postby marc2131 » 13 Feb 2016, 16:46

Registration for the Concours bike 'beauty contest' are now.
Categories this year are:
i. People's Choice,
ii. Competition Track,
iii. Fixie
iv. Bicycle – pre 1900
v. Road bicycle - Pre WWII
vi. Road bicycle - 1940 - 1960
vii. Road bicycle - 1960 - 1985
viii. Road bicycle - 1986 - current.
ix. Penny Farthings

Poster design by Michele Wood. Archival DHBC photo of 1952 Goulburn to Sydney race, led by 5 DHBC riders.

# Free Jumping Castle for kids
# Cafe, BBQ, Chai tent and Soft drinks stalls.
# Vintage bicycle parts and miscellaneous velo stalls
# Penny Farthing displays and Penny Farthing races.
Venue: Canterbury Velodrome (Tempe), Sydney.

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Postby marc2131 » 13 Feb 2016, 16:54

We need volunteers for the Classic Bicycle Show for the following roles:

1. helpers and cooks at one of two food stalls - BBQ, Chai tent and sale of soft drinks.
2. crowd control marshalls
3. helping with the assembling and dismantling of tents
4. sale of raffle tickets
5. Race marshalls
6. gold coin donation collection at entry to velodrome
7. Photographers and video persons

If you are able to help, please put name in list below.

BBQ (8am-4pm):
Denis B.

Soft drinks sales (8am-4pm):

Helping with the assembling and dismantling of tents (8am-10am) (3.30-5pm):
Pete T
Michele M

Sale of Raffle tickets: (12-2pm)

Gold coin donation collection at entry to velodrome: (10.30am-12.30pm)
Paul Armishaw

Marshalls during bike and Penny races: (12-2pm)
Paul Armishaw

7. Photographers and video persons(anytime, but should be around for Penny races and Concours judging, 12-3pm)
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Postby marc2131 » 18 Apr 2016, 23:43

We had a magnificient turnout for the 2016 Sydney Classic Bicycle Show held on the 19th March 2016 (4th year running).
Our counters said we hit in excess of 600 plus attendees for the day. Difficult to determine the final number, but expect it was easily touching a thousand all up.

The DHBC Valley Wheelers, whose brains and brawn made this possible, we're magnificent. Thank you to all our club helpers. Won't try to name all of you for fear of missing someone out.

After another successful year doing the Sydney Classic Bicycle Show the vintage bike arm of the DHBC, the 'Valley Wheelers' donated the takings, in its entirety, to the DHBC Treasurer Andrew Belford at the DHBC AGM held on Sunday 3 April.

A total of $3,644 was donated to the DHBC exec committee by the DHBC Valley Wheelers. In recent years the following sums were donated; 2013 - $1,823, 2014 - $2,473 and 2015 - $3,240.

I will briefly run through some of the highlights from the event.
Publicity shot of the DHBC Valley Wheelers in full regalia somewhere in Centennial Park. Photo taken by Philip Le Masurier.

The event ran to a similar format to last years show. Much of the event was based on the Concours vintage bike competition (beauty pageant for vintage bikes) which attracted about 50 bikes this year. The quality of the exhibits was a few rungs higher than it ever was, with a number of bikes from the 19th century, the earliest being from c. 1868.

The following photos were taken by club member Chris Mail.

Penny Farthing category
c. 1880s Children’s penny farthing – Denis Mahboub
This is an extremely rare 19th century survivor, complete with saddle and mounting peg. Original penny farthings are uncommon and children’s bikes even more so.

Bicycle pre-1900 category
c. 1869 Velocipede – Denis Mahboub
This is a fine example of the earliest practical bicycle. Made of wood and iron these bicycles were quickly superseded by the lighter and faster (though more dangerous) high wheeler.
Bicycle pre-WW2 category
1907-09 The Rival – Peter Martin
This is believed to be the bike raced by Hamilton Lundie (owner’s great-grandfather) to a win in the 1909 Bathurst to Sydney road race and fastest time in the 1909 Goulburn to Sydney race. Fully restored, it was displayed with the winner’s sashes for these races.
Bicycle 1940-1960 category
c. 1950 Rainbow roadster – Neil Buttriss
This roadster bicycle from South Australia, with preserved original paint and many original components, impressed for its originality.
Road Bicycle 1961-1985 category
1974 Holdsworth Professional – Christopher Green
Fully restored with a Nuovo Record groupset. This bike set a high-water mark for restoration, having period-correct components with immaculate and correct paint and decals.
Road Bicycle 1986-Current category
1986 Clamont TT – Damon Fenton
One of a small number of frames made in Sydney by Geoff Scott for New Zealand cycling club 'Southern Districts' of Auckland, who at the time were New Zealand's most successful time trial team. Ridden by NZ Olympic and Commonwealth Games cyclist Tony Graham.
Track category
1980s Gefsco “Kenrick Tucker” – Geoff Scott
A bike raced in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, as well as many National titles. According to Geoff Scott “Kenrick Tucker - he won everything.” Restored by the original builder, Geoff Scott.
People’s Choice category
1978 Europa – Ben Hall
This bike was a labour of love for the owner, who has spent countless hours polishing every component.
Best in Show category
Coventry Rotary and Loop-frame tricycles – John Kitchen
These rideable replica 19th Century tricycles were hand-crafted by John Kitchen. The workmanship and attention to detail is phenomenal. The loop frame tricycle was the first type of vehicle fitted with a differential, paving the way for the motor car.

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 26 Apr 2016, 13:36

Great photos Marc.

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