History of DHBC club colours and jerseys

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Postby marc2131 » 14 Dec 2016, 05:57

Mike Clement asked me about the history of club jerseys over the club's century long history.
Haven't delved heavily into this but have some info.

1908-1919 - Half chocolate brown and half dark blue
I have checked the 1914-1925 club Minutes book. In the 1919 club minutes a solid 'navy blue' was unofficially adopted. However in the late 1920s the official DHBC jersey colours were'black with blue collars and cuffs'. However I doubt if these colours were officially approved by the NSW Amateur Cyclists' Union (CNSW today). So they wouldn't have been able to use these colours officially.
If you examine the 1910 photo of club racers, the 1910 jerseys appear to possess 2 halves (correct me if I am wrong). The 1910 photo below may be a variation of this 2-colour combination. However in March 2018, I came across an old 1911 Redfern Bicycle Club program that identified Dark blue and Chocolate Brown halves as the official DHBC jersey colours. If you look at the 1910 picture they are probably wearing dark blue and choco brown halve jerseys.
The 1910 DHBC racing team
1910DHBC RaceTeam.jpg
1910DHBC RaceTeam.jpg (62.34 KiB) Viewed 2748 times

Source: DHBC archives, held by Inner West Council

1919-early 1930s - Black with blue cuffs and collar
Club minutes stated that all DHBC riders and officials must wear [u]navy blue
ie. jerseys, blazers. It appeared there was no special requirement for purchase of a specific article of clothing. They appeared quite happy for anyone to wear any article of clothing of the specified colour, which they'd then accept as club attire.
However there was a note several weeks later that authorisation had to be received from the 'Union' (NSW Cyclists Amateur Union, the predecessor of Cycling NSW).
By December 1929, the 'Sydney Sportsman' newspaper (page 14) listed the official DHBC jersey colours as 'black with blue collars and cuffs'.

Early 1930s - Red with fawn cuffs and collar
By the early 1930s, the official DHBC club colours were red and fawn (light brownish tan). I believe the cuffs of the sleeves, collar and possibly the shoulders were coloured fawn and the rest of the jersey in red. Similar to the jersey worn by this rider from the early 30s.
UnknownDHBCrider2early30s.php.jpg (26.51 KiB) Viewed 2748 times

Source: Julie Peruch (great grand-daughter of JC 'Charlie' Paris [1879-1950], founder of DHBC)

1937: DHBC group, some in red and fawn jerseys. Note they did not use the circled 'DH' logo on sleeves yet. Only used after c1945.
DHBC Club 1937.jpg
DHBC Club 1937.jpg (187.65 KiB) Viewed 2674 times

Source: DHBC archives, held by Inner West Council

1945 to 2008 - Red
During the war it became difficult to acquire different coloured material for garments, let alone cycling jerseys. It was then decided to dump the fawn colour and stick with a solid red jersey. This inspiration has also been attributed to the wife of club founder JC 'Charlie' Paris' wife, who wore an all red dress for a formal club function which inspired someone from the DHBC committee.
This standard configuration of solid red jersey with circle 'DH' badge sewn onto both sleeves was used right up to about 2008, with the introduction of the standard red lycra jersey. Red become the mainstay of the club, many club rider's bikes and club bikes were painted red during this period.

Picture of DHBC riders in c. 1962. Note the use of different styles of jerseys. The 'DH' circle patch is sewn onto the sleeves and is the primary source of identification.
2016-12-14.png (811 KiB) Viewed 2748 times

Source: DHBC archives. From 8mm film footage.

1952 NSW 'juvenile' U16 Team Time Trial champions. Note their use of solid red jerseys with standard circle 'DH' logo sewn onto sleeve.
DHBC Road Juvenile Premiership Team 1952.jpeg
DHBC Road Juvenile Premiership Team 1952.jpeg (1.44 MiB) Viewed 2748 times

Source: DHBC archives, held by Inner West Council

2008-present - Red
Mike Clement, who joined the club in 2007, said that not all members rode with club jerseys before 2008. Riders wore whatever they had and some had their red jersey with sewn-on DH logo on their sleeves.

This early (pre-lycra) red jersey was bought from veteran club member Mick Mazza (1939-) at his Illawarra Rd (1961-c.1987), and later 255 Marrickville Rd bicycle shop (1987-2010). Mick Mazza's shop was closed in 2010, or concurrently from Alan 'Al' Sumner's (1936-) family owned and run hardware shop at 670 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill (opp the 7/11 petrol stn) up till mid-2016. Mick said he'd source jerseys from different suppliers or sometimes from Al. Mick also said the circled DH embroided logo badge was made by a local Marrickville company.

By 2008 the club introduced for the first time standardised lycra club jerseys. Previously any jersey of the correct colour could become club attire as long as it had the circle 'DH' logo sewn onto both sleeves. There have been 4 iterations of this since then. First in 2008 (Body-Torque, only 20 units made), a revised version (Champ-Sys & Nahlini) in 2009-10 and the current (Cuore) red and black version introduced in 2015. Various unofficial versions also exists, like the very rare 'white' with red text jersey produced in very limited numbers around 2009, the DHBC race jersey with the 1920s winged DHBC logo in 2013 (rediscovered in 2013 at Ashfield Council archives) and the very retro merino wool jersey produced by the DHBC Valley Wheelers in 2013 (Oregon Cyclewear) and again in 2017 (ElevenVelo) and the thiel green Nick Rugrok memorial jersey in 2016.

The 2012 DHBC road race team with the post 2008 jersey

2012 DHBC road team.png
2012 DHBC road team.png (623.47 KiB) Viewed 2748 times
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Postby mikesbytes » 14 Dec 2016, 12:20

Good write up Marc. So I'm gathering that the iteration of a different versions of the jersey on a regular basis started in 2008. I note that the 2008 version, which there was only 20 produced is the one above the front wheel in that photo.

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Postby marc2131 » 14 Dec 2016, 15:00

Correct Mike. The guy (Nathan Gerard) kneeling on the far right is wearing the original lycra jersey. Nowadays the only people I see wearing these are Geoff Martin, Geoff Semon, Marian Lee, Anthony Green (sometimes) and Simon Sharwood. Only a few still use the original (pre-2000s) red jersey with circled DH logo; Alan Sumner, Bill Daskopoulos and sometimes Lindsay Munk.
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Postby marc2131 » 16 Dec 2016, 11:22

An article in the Sydney Sportsman newspaper dated 10 Dec 1929 (page 14) lists jersey colours for the following clubs:

Auburn: Pink, with blue collars and cuffs.
Bankstown: Chocolate and brown vertical halves
Bargo: Maroon, with gold 'V' back and front; also letters B.C.C.C.
Cumberland: Black, with six-inch vertical red stripe front and back.
Dulwich Hill: Black, with blue collar and cuffs.
Enfield-Burwood : Pale blue and white halves.
Kensington: Black, with white sash.
Lakemba: Light blue, with red cuffs and collar.
Mascot: Royal blue and sky blue halves.
Marrickville: Royal blue.
Manly and N. Suburbs: Sky blue, with four-inch red vertical stripe back and front.
St. George: Red and white.
Thirlmere: Green, with four- inch red strips.
Waratah: Olive green

Source: http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/166469890
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Postby JoTheBuilder » 01 Jan 2017, 15:22

Good write up Marc.

Incidentally that is Nathan Gerard on the bottom right.

Christian also has one of those jerseys but he would actually have to ride for you to see him in one. :lol:

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Postby weiyun » 26 Jan 2017, 07:40

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