Sydney Cup on Wheels and State Scratch

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Postby wallman » 06 Nov 2011, 11:05

Alex, Lizanne and I raced this last night and had a pretty good time of it. It was definitely the best field I've seen at an Open with a super-quick group of elite and u19 men and also full fields of elite and u19 women. I won my first race in ages and also picked up some money in the final motor pace, Lizanne rode well in her Scratch and also made a bit of money in the women's wheelrace from memory. Now that she knows which line is the finish line and which is the pursuit line she'll no doubt improve! For us guys the scratch had a big field that was stretched out by a couple of early digs before Jackson Law hit out about 25 laps in and that was it for me, I got gapped along with about half a dozen of the remaining riders and our race was over. Alex dug deep and got back on to make it a race of 8 but another attack shortly after did him in. Jackson Law went on to win a very attacking race by lapping the remainder of the field - only 6 guys finished out of the 16 or so that started.

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Postby Rainbow » 07 Nov 2011, 18:52

Whoa, well done! I can't believe that they put both of these events on at the same time. What a suffer-fest!

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