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Postby Danny » 20 Feb 2011, 09:42

Nick and I headed out to Eastern Creek this morning to take part in our first ever race. After a quick chat at the sign-in, we were both placed in D-grade.

Being my first ever race, my plan was to stay and finish with the main group of riders.

There was 20 or so riders in D-grade and the race was set at 50 minutes + 1 lap.

Going around the the first lap, I remember thinking the pace was quicker than I thought / hoped. The dynamic of the group was really interesting, as a couple of times I found myself at the back of the group and at others times, the path in front of me seemed to open up to let me through.

As the race progressed, a few riders seemed to fall off the back. I was feeling pretty tired but was determined to hang on and finish with the remaining riders.

With the bell ringing for the final lap, the paced seemed to picked up a notch and there was a few people trying to get themselves in position for the final sprint.

Down the final straight, i gave it one final push. Looking ahead, i could see Nick was in position to take first place (which he did). I ended up in 4th and more than happy with that result.

There are some photos which i'll post later on.

Great riding and racing. I'll be back there for sure!

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Postby Eleri » 20 Feb 2011, 10:02

Great result for a first ride Danny! and well done Nick for getting first. Waratah's a good club to race with.

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Postby timyone » 20 Feb 2011, 12:54

great work :D

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Postby Stuart » 20 Feb 2011, 13:15

Nick won't be in D for long! Sounds good though - we'll be at Landsdowne next Sunday

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Postby Trouty » 20 Feb 2011, 14:45

You must have done some sweet talking Danny, I am surprised they let you in D grade. They usually don't let any males in there in their early 30's. Well done on the win though. With 20 riders it wouldn't have been an easy race.

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Postby Hung » 21 Feb 2011, 10:20

thats great guys
good to see you gave it a go

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