Beware of Magpies on the South Coast

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Postby Dougie » 21 Oct 2016, 16:06

HI All

It is the Magpie season. Many will have seen the "hilarious" Youtube videos of Magpies attacking cyclists. Those of you who ride track will be very well accustomed to the attacks made by the resident Magpie at Tempe Velodrome.

What isn't a laughing matter is falling off as a result of a swoop. One of our number came off earlier today whilst descending at speed. I understand from those with him now that fortunately he will be making a full recovery however a broken collar bone, heavy bruising, road rash and the price of a new set of kit is a very high price to pay.

Whilst a peck and a swoop can be both painful and frightening. Falling off can be many, many times worse. It is a timely reminder to keep control of your bike and your eyes on the road. Please take care and keep it rubber side down.



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