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Postby MtbAnt » 30 Jul 2012, 10:15

Hi all,

I had a quick look in Track and did a quick search and couldn't see a similar topic, so mod's if I'm wrong, please feel free to clean up.

The schedule is here:
http://www.london2012.com/cycling-track ... d-results/

I haven't looked at Channel 9 yet, but I'm hoping to record to PC - I'll update on this tonight or tomorrow ('for personal use only' of course, PM me if you miss it ;) Does anyone have fox and a DVR?

Can't wait! See you all out on the track soon!

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Postby Stuart » 30 Jul 2012, 11:31

we've got Fox but no DVR ... may be able to get old PC setup as DVR in time but looking doubtful. It will probably end up on cyclingtorrents.nl anyway, just maybe not with english commentary

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Postby jermxx » 30 Jul 2012, 12:33

A mate of mine says that http://unblock-us.com with http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics is pretty awesome for $5/month (cancel at any time).

Essentially, with a minimum of setup you get the bbc olympics live and replay. Or so he claims.

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