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Postby Jacqui » 24 Oct 2013, 09:27

Hi everyone,

I bought a pre-loved road bike this year and it came with a SRM power meter. The power meter wasnt in working order when I bought the bike. I would like to get it working and I presume the battery is flat but before I send that off to be recharged I am wondering if I have all the bits etc to work.

I have asked about having it fixed at a few bike shops and they were a bit so-so, perhaps I have not spoken to the right people.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to who I can talk to at a bike shop to get my power meter working?

If possible, I would like to know how it works so if anyone in the club can help me sort it out instead of a bike shop, I would be happy to ensure they are well compensated with their preferred beverage

Thanks ... Jacqui

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Postby RR-M » 28 Oct 2013, 11:45

Hi Jacqui, dont know if you found this convo on SRM or not. ... 34&t=60991

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Postby Jacqui » 29 Oct 2013, 12:10

Thanks for the link Alan.

When I bought my road bike the guy selling it said he thought the power meter battery was flat and that I would need to send it to NZ to be fixed. And the forum reinforces that, so thats good to know (although I would prefer it was in Australia)

Before I send it off for repairs Im wondering if I have all the bits installed and the rest of the equipment is working ok. Thats where I was hoping for some local knowledge, either a bike shop or another SRM Power meter owner that knows something about them and could say, yes, its just the battery or no, your sensors are missing, electronic gizmo is not working.

Thanks Jacqui

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Postby wallman » 05 Nov 2013, 14:43


An SRM powermeter is an expensive bit of kit. I imagine there'd be a difference in sale price of perhaps a couple of grand for a bike with a flat battery in its SRM, and a bike with a busted SRM. Hopefully you didn't pay a "flat battery" price for a "busted" SRM. The only way to tell the difference would be to replace the batteries and see if the unit measures power or not.

But anyway, there's an Australian distributor of SRMs who'd be the right people to speak to . Check them out @


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Postby Jacqui » 15 Nov 2013, 14:30

thanks Matt,

the SRM was really a bonus so if it doesnt work, I wont feel I've lost out. I am happy to get the battery replaced, but as you point out, I dont really want to spend money on something that is busted.

I have since recharged the computer unit and the display works. Ive also found out it is a wireless SRM and thats why there werent any sensors on the bike except the one under the bottom bracket (despite the pictures in the very very long manual).

I'll check out the link below. Next step, replace the battery and see if it works!!!

thanks again for your help ... Jacqui

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