Jet Black 12hr - Dargal Farm

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Postby T-Bone » 14 Aug 2011, 11:34

This is where my Mountain Biking career begins.

I decided to buy a mountain bike a few weeks back, and then had an opportunity to do the Jet Black 12hr, so i thought why not jump straight in. With only 1 previous MTB ride, and having never ridden the new bike, it seemed like a reasonable idea to do a race.

So yesterday, Me, Alex, Alan, and Alison headed out to Dargal Farm for a little bit of riding. We were racing as the Bernard Riders Mixed team, with a nice little setup in their tent, and a supply of beer when required. Luckily the weather decided to stay clear although although the trail was still a bit damp and slick in spots.

Onto the racing. My first lap i spent learning to ride, finishing with a nice trail of dried blood down my leg. The next too laps i seemed to get the hang of it a bit more, getting faster each time, though it did help that the course wasn't all technical, so i could pick up the speed on the nice fast smooth sections. With the light fading, my next lap got a bit slower as the rocks became a bit harder to see, but there would still be one more lap to be done. With the darkness set in along with the cold, i was waiting for Alan to return, unexpectedly he was early returning with a broken chain. So after quickly getting ready, i set off for a nice ride in the dark with Glenn joining me for a bit of company. Riding in the dark was another new experience, and as i expected, it slowed me down as i seemed to get held up on every rock that decided to get in my way, but i got through relatively unscathed.

In the end we finished 5th in the mixed 4 rider teams. The other Bernard riders did a great job too, taking out 2nd and 3rd in the Male 4rider teams.

I think the next step from a 12hr is a 24hr, though maybe with a little bit of training first.

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Postby shrubb face » 15 Aug 2011, 09:13

Despite initally not really wanting to ride this event and causing James some grief in the process, I really enjoyed myself in the end. For once I even managed to turn up to the event on time, which was certainly a plus. As normal the Bernard boys were super organised, with a brilliant tent setup in which to rest whilst waiting for your turn. They even bought along a Lemond ergo bike, on which to warmup on during the night.

John kindly lent me his single speed 29er for the day and all I can say is that I will certainly be building my own up very shortly. Whilst the course wasnt neccessarly idea for such a bike, which large sections of fast flat on which i spun the gear out and one very steep climb which i couldnt quite get up. I still had a great time and was pleasantly suprised at my laptimes. One nice thing about riding a SS is the certain amount of respect that other riders seem to give you, possibly because they may assume your mad.

Congrads to my team mates, who all rode really well, especially to Alison who whilst nervious at the start but powered along all day to record some great lap times.

Breakage of the day goes to the Bernard beer boy, whos name i think is Glenn. He managed to tear his derailer in the multiple pieces and pop his back wheel out of the frame in the process.

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Postby AliG » 15 Aug 2011, 20:08

It was a fantastic day! Great weather, bushland, set up. Even the music wasn’t bad! James very kindly drove my bike and I to and from the farm and the Bernard Beer guys were really welcoming and great company.

It was really nice to have long sections of the ride where you were alone in the bush, but knew that if you crashed badly, someone would be along soon to help you. And once Andrei pointed out my tires didn’t have enough grip and replaced them, I felt like I had more control. Though, I think I might now be in the market for a new mountain bike. Not because my 8 year old bike was the subject of a few uncomplimentary comments (well, maybe a little), but because my back and shoulders today are really feeling the effect of pushing 16kg worth of bike up the steep and slippery sections… Not that I can complain about my bike - it does, at least, have gears. And nothing broke.

Thanks, team, for a great day!

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Postby T-Bone » 15 Aug 2011, 22:38

I found some photos HERE

see photos 13, 206, 207, 208. I haven't looked through them all yet, just found the Dulwich Hill jerseys.

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Postby T-Bone » 16 Aug 2011, 20:48

The 2 pics i took at the race..... i was busy riding, eating, relaxing.

Alex warming up!


The result of my first lap


Bernard Riders
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Postby Bernard Riders » 16 Aug 2011, 20:50

Hi Everyone

I am very glad that you all enjoyed the event as much as we did. Here is short race report ... himano-gp/

few pics are here: ... 3626526160 (our facebook page)

but more will be posted at our website soon.

Hope to race with you guys again.


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