JetBlack 24 Hour Sydney 1 & 2 Dec

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Postby Tam » 15 Oct 2012, 20:39

Am looking for some people to join our team for the 24 Hour JetBlack MTB at Mt Annan (Sydney) on 1 & 2 Dec. So far in my team is me (Tam) and I've never been in a MTB race before but have mountain biked, my husband (some mountain biking) and friend Chris (crazy 24 hour solo MTB background but promises to not be too hard core and help us out). ... ation.html

Hoping to make up at least a 4 person team, but ideally 6 person. We will have 2 big tents & 4 kids between us so will be pretty relaxed!


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Postby JoTheBuilder » 03 Dec 2012, 09:27

Ride report please!

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Postby Tam » 03 Dec 2012, 20:23

Had a great time at the Jetblack 24 on the weekend. Our team of 6 came 7th of 16 in our category and had no mechanicals or big crashes. It was my first race, and first night time riding and it was a perfect intro. The laps were about 10k's and we rode them in 29-50mins (me at the 44-50 min end and some of our speedster team mates at 29 - 35). Alison G and I were the DHBC team members and four guys. The course was mostly fun single track, lots of switchbacks, fun berms, a few steep descents and couple of drops clearly marked with skull and crossbones in advance. The descents were fun, it was the rock gardens on the up with hard turns at the top which I found the most challenging. Saturday was an absolute killer in the heat - forecast was 39 degrees. We camped and had four kids (aged 2-7) between us and they also had a ball - although due to the heat on Saturday I did a sneaky pool run to Mt Annan pool with them to escape the heat and keep them entertained. The kids race/colouring comps etc helped and it was a good vibe all round. As a result of my pool run I missed the worst of the heat not doing my first lap till 4pm - apparently on the trail there were quite a few broken people sitting on the side waiting for the heat to subside, and a few cases of sunstroke in the medical tent earlier on. Although there were some serious racers there was no attitude on the track, and room for passing. The full moon, twinkling lights of campelltown in the distance and chilled middle of the night laps were great, especially after the cool change kicked in. Heaps of dust so riding with lights was a bit surreal. On the Sunday the weather was perfect - cool and an early morning drizzle. The track got pretty dusty and powdery on the corners by the last 6 hours which got a couple of us off on the descent/berm combos. All in all a great time, and look forward to the next one. Mt Annan also really good for an easy access weekend ride, just a pity it doesn't open 'till 10am.
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Postby Stuart » 04 Dec 2012, 18:40

Sounds like you had fun .. great report too.

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Postby AliG » 04 Dec 2012, 21:54

Yep. It was a great weekend. Tam got together a really nice team - a good group of people to hang out with between laps.

The first couple of laps were pretty horrible, though - not much shade on that course. Halfway through my second lap, everything shut down. I had no energy, my stomach hurt (and my shoulder and hip, thanks to a fall) and I wasn't even sure that I'd make it to the finish line. I don't know how the soloists coped... Then a breeze came up before my third lap, the sun disappeared behind clouds, and riding was fun again!

It's a nice race - a fun track and relaxed atmosphere. Even though the track is on pretty degraded land, there were still frogs in the pond (and, apparently, a black snake in the women's toilets). And close to home!

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