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Postby Richard » 01 Nov 2013, 22:20

The Husky100 race was held last weekend in the forests behind Calalla beach near Jervis Bay.

DHBC was represented by David Os, Lindsay and me in the 100 and Simone in the 50.

The race is renowned for being a mudfest with the course often resembling the Somme battleground from WWI after a decent downpour. After such a dry spell the race this time around was the complete opposite and I reckon I inhaled at least a kilo of fine dust throughout the race. You could see evidence of what the course would be like in the wet by the depth of the wheel ruts in the track.

The course had no major climbs but was undulating with lots of tight turns, lots of singletrack and log after log to lift the front wheel over. The course was a mixture of forest and private farmland.

Lindsay and I rolled in together in a tad under 7 hours, David bravely finished a tad further back having ridden the entire course on a fixed fork unsuspended bike and having lost his front brake through the day.

Simone did really well finishing the 50 on only her 5th time on a mountain bike. She has a few impressive bruises to show for for her efforts after crashing and landing on top of her bike.

All up it was a great day, hot and dry conditions but I would rather ride the course in the dry. Damn it would be a challenge if it was wet.

Highly recommended

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