Stage 2 extension to Hornsby trails

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Postby Tam » 13 Jul 2014, 18:50

There's an excellent new extension to the Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail - Stage 2, and it's fabulous. Heaps of swoopy berms, corners, switchbacks.

Some of the Hornsby trail is very rocky with narrow bridges with inconveniently located rocks on entry and exit and tight switchbacks on climbs (not so appealing I think). This new portion of the trail stage 2, isn't like that - it's smooth, swoopy and flow and you can get some decent momentum and speed. The black run section excellent, not too hard and has some easy B trail options. ... bike-trail

Only problem is they are regularly working on the track - they usually post track closures on the twitter feed,

but alas this morning did not so had to settle for the old bits once we arrived at 7am to find red tape blocking the new section.

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