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Postby jonboy » 04 May 2013, 14:08


My trusty Giant hybrid which is 15 yrs old has given up the ghost having developed cracks around the bottom bracket.

I now need a replacement commuter.

Can anyone recommend a decent replacement (I'm thinking a fixie this time). My trip is only 8kms each way to the city.

Budget is around $1,000 - maybe $1,250. Large frame size 56cm or so (I'm 183cm tall).

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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Postby Strawburger » 04 May 2013, 14:33

For $1000 you should get an excellent fixie.

Go drop bar, you will get frustrated with a flatbar I reckon. If you have tendencies to try the track (or use it for track) get something that you can easily remove the brakes, gearing and handlebars to comply to regulations. That means no bottle holders but for 8kms it's manageable.

I've got an avanti steel frame. It's been excellent for the 15000kms done. I've since swapped the heavy deep v rims for a pair of tokens which improved the ride slightly. Has track geometry too if I ever want to have a go.

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Postby mikesbytes » 04 May 2013, 15:19

There's quite a mix of geometries out there and a degree of personal preferences. I took my track bike for a spin along cooks river and it was horrible, no give at old. My fixie's geometry is a bit more relaxed and its fine.

If you like to corner fast, then pay attention to the BB height.

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 04 May 2013, 17:35

My fixie was a $500 second hand Hillbrick frame I got off eBay. As long as it has horizontal dropouts you can then custom make it to your own specs. And you can come on the fixie century!

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Postby timothy_clifford » 04 May 2013, 17:47

For $1000 you should get an excellent fixie.

Go drop bar, you will get frustrated with a flatbar I reckon.
Pfffft! Bullhorns with TT brake levers are the only way to go for a city fixie.

But you want a commuter. Something that is tough and fun. That is fast but can soak up those rough paths. Dry, wet, gravel, teeming rain - something for all occasions. Panniers optional, mudguards maybe.

Surly Cross Check.


It's a cross bike, so it can take wide tyres to soak up bumps and cruise over gravel. Frame braze ons allow for fenders and panniers, the semi-horizontal drop outs with adjustors let's you run it as a single speed (and as Mike says, you can fix that). It's a little out of your budget - MC Cyclery will let you walk out the door with one for around $1700, but you could search for a cheaper one 2nd hand. Or build up a frame set. But it will do everything you'd want, except the track.

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Postby AndrewBurns » 05 May 2013, 06:18

I recommend going with road-style bars for comfort. I vainly put track bars on my track bike (which does 99% of it's km as a fixie on-road) and they're painfully uncomfortable over any distance. I've ridden it to and from work at 24km each way once and to Saturday slowies once but the track bars and tiny little fixie brake lever mean you need to choose between having horrible wrist pain on the tops or limited visibility and being nowhere near the brakes on the drops.

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Postby jonboy » 06 May 2013, 11:26

Thanks for all the advice so far – many variables to consider now.

I did notice a bike shop in Surry Hills that sells fixies but they have a strict ‘no beard, no bike’ sales policy.

What enticed me about this place was the offer of discount vouchers with every bike purchase. I can get $100 off body piercing and another $50 off tattoos.

They even sell clothing which would complete my transformation into the East Redfern / Inner West hipster set.

The other interesting thing was that all the bikes are black, they are strict about riders not wearing helmets, no lights must adorn their creations and Dr Dre headphones must also be worn at all times.

You may have seen some of these riders in your travels (or not, when it’s dark).

My search (or beard growth) continues....


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Postby rhys » 07 May 2013, 20:07

Something like Timothy said, or this:

http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/bicycles ... /102222628

Maybe buy it from somewhere else though.

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