DHBC Juniors Training News & Statistics 21 September 2011

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Postby michellebrown » 22 Sep 2011, 14:22

Hi everyone,
lots of news this week. Training went really well in spite of Magpie bombings! It's so nice to see the older riders taking a bigger role in directing training and helping out the younger ones! We had 14 riders in all from youngsters Mia Wallace and Zeke Llewellyn to "oldster" Hugo Venville (now racing U19 - when not staring in Oscar Wilde plays!) The younger riders did a great job finishing their 5 lap warm up in the same time as the 10 lappers. Chris Hageman, Bill Bolton and Tallis Boerne-Marcus took out their respective 3 Lap Sprint Derbies. Honourable mentions for Wesley and Selina Ho, Francis Teow and Peter Livingston. Individual Flying 200m Time Trials produced some exciting results. Chris Hageman beat Wesley Ho by just 0.03 of a second to record fastest time in the U17 men at 13.53, Bill Bolton breathing down their necks at 13.81. Making allowances for hand timing errors that puts them neck-and-neck I reckon. Tom Bolton U15 laid down a 14.93 - putting him in front of the remaining U17 men, who are improving all the time. Jake, Will and Peter were all within a hairs breadth of each other and under 15.50. Selina set a blistering 16.50 in U13 womens - definitely one to watch there. Francis had best time for U13 men at 19.78. Big efforts too from Tallis (not feeling so well),and Alison, Mia and Zeke in their first Flying 200s! Things went so smoothly that the older riders got extra time behind the motorcycle - thanks to Phil Kelly for obiliging our whims as usual. If you want the stats, but don't already get them drop me a line at: trevort@bigpond.net.au

Track Racing
Here's a list of Junior Track (& one criterium) Races you might be interested in. DHBC Juniors will be representing us in a number of these events:

7th October: National Junior Track Series: Dunc Gray Velodrome 2pm - 6pm (DHBC/Penrith Team entered)
12 November: NSW Junior U17 Madison Championship: Dunc Gray Velodrome: 4pm (Hageman/Bolton entered)
19 November: Junior Sydney Grand Prix (U15-U17): Dunc Gray Criterium Circuit: 9am
3 December: 10th Junior Clarence St Cyclery Cup: Dunc Gray Velodrome: 2pm
14 January: NSW U15 & U17 Scratch Race Championship: Dunc Gray Velodrome: 2pm (Hageman entered)
20 January: NSW U16-U17 Time Trial Championship: Dunc Gray Velodrome: 6.30pm (Hageman entered)
21 January: U15- U17 Sprint Championsip: Dunc Gray Velodrome: 2pm
22 January: NSW U15-U17 Individual Pursuit Championships (& Team Sprint): Dunc Gray: 10am

Here's a link to the 2011 events calendar where you can sign on:
http://www.nsw.cycling.org.au/cy_nsw/ca ... lendar.htm

And, here's a link to the 2012 calendar:
http://www.nsw.cycling.org.au/cy_nsw/ca ... =2012/2012 Calendar.htm

I'll only be handling team entries. You'll have to make individual entries yourself, but let me know if you need any help. As a result of the events calenday Juniors Training on Monday at Tempe (6.30pm) will concentrate on the Madison and skills required for the National Junior Track Series in the short term. There are spots on the DHBC Team for the Melbourne leg of the series. Discusss it with your parentals and let me or Chris Hageman know if you are interested. I can provide tailored training on Mondays for any U15-U17s who want to train, but aren't entered in the National Junior Track Series or Madison. Approach me on the night.

Sydney to Gong
Alexander K wants to know if any DHBC riders are doing this year's Sydney to Gong. Drop him a line if you are.

Extracytacular Matters
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Will Borghini! Proof has been posted on my Facebook page that Club Captain Hugo Venville wasn't just shirking his duties last week - take a look. Big gold medal to anyone who finds and returns my 15mm spanner. Congratulations to Simon and Jessica for making another Llewellyn for the track!

That's all for now,
till next time - keep rolling,
Michelle Brown
DHBC Juniors
0412 442 550


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Postby jermxx » 22 Sep 2011, 14:55

Michelle - I think that I had your spanner. The consensus when I left the track was that it would be left in the kitchen for you.

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