Rare colour film of DHBC racing 1962-65

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Postby marc2131 » 12 Dec 2016, 20:15

I am so very proud to put forward this rare colour footage made by the Dulwich Bicycle Club from around 1962 to about 1967. This first part is 22 mins long. The footage was shot by the late Claude and Sonia Heathcote of the DHBC and recently donated by their nephew Stephen.


This will be part of a much larger treasure trove of material being donated to the Inner West Council (Sydney). A formal exhibition of the history of the DHBC will be held at Inner West Council library in early 2017. I will notify people when dates have been confirmed.

0-4:15 Barry Owen 24 mile Senior-Junior Handicap bicycle race. Probably held around 1962. Location is at the Panania Public School in southwest Sydney. Riders are Margaret Miller (later McLachlan) and other young DHBC riders.
4:15-6:02 1962 NSW Premiership Team Time Trial Championship held at Hoxton Park. This team time trial cycling competition is an annual event and has been held since the early 20th century. The event is now called the Cycling NSW Team Time Trial Championships and is held at a 44km course near Nowra airport every July. A team of 4 riders ride individually trying to set the fastest time.
6:03-11:22 1962 Grafton to Inverell cycling race. The first Grafton-Inverell race was held in 1961 and was in excess of 230km long. It is claimed to be the toughest one day cycling race in Australia. This race is still held annually in May.
11:22-13:00 Team Time Trial cycling races held near Liverpool. Year is unspecified, probably around 1964 or 1965.
13:01-16:15 Heathcote family excursion. Unknown location but possibly at Tuncurry, NSW. Year is unspecified, probably around 1964 or 1965.
16:15-17:18 DHBC taking part in an unknown cycle race and location probably between 1967 and 1968.
17:18-19:39 Track races at an unknown velodrome and location. Probably mid to late 1960s.
19:40-20:22 Heathcote family beach excursion. Unknown location.
20:23-22:32 Heathcote family video, late 1970s and early 1980s. Family pet dogs.

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Postby marc2131 » 13 Dec 2016, 07:51

An old St George Bicycle Club member Larry Simons, has identified a few people in this video. Info is from the 'NSW Cycling Scrapbook' Facebook page.

There's lots of familiar faces there, the first one I recall is at 15 secs to 20 seconds, old 'Frank' ? (with sunglasses), he was always controlling the competitors' entry gate out onto Wiley Park track, at 5'40" there's Mr Donovan (Paul?), at 7'30" Dick Paris rides towards the camera, 7'50" Harold Johnson (RIP) (Dick's trainer) sampling the taste of an official's windscreen sticker, at 11'35" Mick Mazza, 12' 25 Dennis Byrne (Lidcombe). Charlie Mannins (St George) official is in there at the Grafton? race with other officials, Phil Sheedy appeaes a number of times in these clips! PS I forgot, Margaret? McLachlan appears at about 30 seconds, through to about 40 seconds! Just found a collection of St George officials, at 4'17", looks like Les Hartshorne, Percy O'Connell, Sam Drew & someone behind Sam, possibly Ray Rumsey but cannot see his face! At 5'27", it looks like my father in his black 1948 Ford Prefect, following a team of DH riders. It could be Mal McCredie at 6'40", walking with another rider.

I have also identified the following people:

Margaret Miller (later McLachlan) and DHBC life member Arthur Percival (in pink jersey) @30-40sec. DHBC Secretary (1940s-1980s) Claude Heathcote @8:09-8:20mins and walking up hill at the Grafton-Inverell race 8:40-8:58min, 9:45-10mins. DHBC exec Roy Wolstenholme 11:39-11:42mins and spraying riders from 11:50mins. DHBC exec Sonia Heathcote @12:05-12:08min.

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Postby mikesbytes » 15 Dec 2016, 18:07

Thanks Marc, that was an interesting video. Good job on getting it preserved.

Found the video of the Grafton to Inverall interesting. Having done it 3 times I could see how they say that racing has changed

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