DHBC 'On Your Bike' History Exhibition, 10-14 May 2018

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The DHBC 'On Your Bike' exhibition will display lovingly preserved and rarely seen photographs, ephemera and vintage bikes from the DHBC's heyday, before cars pushed bikes off the road. Free entry.
This exhibition also promises to be a history of cycling in Sydney, with material from the club archives, historic and club bicycles (1884, 1930s-1960s), and is even curated by a club member, Marc Rerceretnam.
The event was hosted by the Inner West Council, who recently accepted a large donation of DHBC archives which they now keep as part of their Local Histories historical collection.
The event will take place between the 10 to 14th May at the Stirrup Gallery, 142 Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville.

The event was very well attended. We got an average of 4 persons per hour per weekday and on Sunday alone we got 198 visitors.

Here are photos from the event.
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This intricate trophy was a 1888 prize for a race organised by the Suburban Bicycle Club. It was handed down from generation to generation and finally made its way into the hands of a DHBC club stalwart by the 2000s. After the club member passed away around 2010, the family found it in his house being used as a door-stop!
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The first 2 bicycles (left) are DHBC club race bicycles from the 1940s in very original condition. The first one belonged to Edward 'Ted' Pink jnr. (1924-2005) who joined the club at the tender age of 7 in 1931. He was the son of Ted Pink snr (1881-1972) who was a foundation member of the DHBC, and was a competitive racer and won several prominent NSW races on this bicycle. The bicycle was custom built for Ted jnr by another club member Alvia 'Bill' Connelly (1918-1974) who founded Alcon Cycleworks from the early 1940s to 1970. His shop was based on Victoria Road, Marrickville.
The second bike (also an Alcon) belonged to Jack Wolstenholme, also a club member and brother of club committee member Roy Wolstenholme. Roy was a Life Member of CNSW in the 1970s.
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Veteran DHBC members Warren Donnelly, Margaret McLachlan and daughter Liz McLachlan O'Brien.
Warren is the son of club stalwart Arthur Donnelly (1928-2012) and was a member till the late 70s or early 80s. Margaret first joined the club in 1961, but was embroiled in an argument with CNSW (then NSW Amateur Cyclists' Union) about not allowing her a racing license; largely because she was a female in 1966. The DHBC objected too but CNSW refused to budge. Margaret went on to set NSW endurance distance records up to 1971. Margaret, Liz and their family moved to the Central Coast in 1990.
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