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geoff m
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Postby geoff m » 20 Aug 2010, 00:20

Hi all,

Some good news - firstly new membership is soon to be available, and those wishing to join the club can do so in September for the next 15 and a half months.

Secondly, there are more categories, providing greater flexibility, and family discounts as well. Importantly, a Sports Category has been redefined which will allow participation in Individual and Team Time Trial events (without official placings) which should appeal to triathletes who often are put off by having to pay full fees for two organisations.

I don't have any further details, so watch the CNSW and Cycling Australia Website from September on how to join online.

Here's a communcation from Kevin Young:

Monday 6 September 2010 - this is the date the new membership year will commence. The new manual membership form will be on the Cycling Australia website for download and distribution to affiliate states and clubs.

Monday 13 September 2010 - this is the targeted date for the on-line system to be in operation for the new membership year for both renewal and new member sign-up.

Member Categories

We have reviewed our member categories for 2011 and have rebranded some and tried to clarify the description and participation options encompassed by each category.

· The Sport category has been more clearly defined and provides a participation option especially geared to road time trials (individual and team incorporating Corporate team time trials) - an option that may appeal to triathletes and those cyclists with a competitive spirit but not necessarily looking for bunch racing.

· The Recreational category has been renamed Cycling for All to fall in line with the International Cycling Union's category for non-competitive cyclists.

· A new category known as Club VIP has been established to provide a minimally priced membership option for that very valuable group of members who provide their time as officials (Commissaires), Club administrators and/or coaches. While a non-participation category, Club VIP entitles full member benefits including professional indemnity and liability insurance. Members wishing to race, train or compete in events will need to upgrade to the appropriate licence category.

· We are pleased to introduce a new Family discount option on a national basis. Members who join clubs that are part of this offer will receive a significant discount option for the whole family to join up as either Racing or Cycling for All members.

· We have also confirmed the discount for Para-cycling. Riders with a classified disability only require the equivalent of a Sport membership to be eligible for full racing membership.

Due to the World Road Cycling Championships being hosted by Cycling Australia in Melbourne late September (next month) the 2011 membership year renewals and membership have been brought forward a month and will commence from the 1st September 2010.

This will mean that any new members wishing to join Cycling may do so after the 1st September effectively receiving 16 months membership for the price of a 12 month licence.

Kevin Young

Chief Executive Officer

Cycling NSW

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geoff m
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Postby geoff m » 12 Sep 2010, 19:01

We are pleased to announce that 2011 membership is available online. Although we had originally set the date later in September, we had many requests to make this slightly earlier and have been successful in doing so. Please make a note on your Club websites that it is available.

Members can go online and join/renew with any club.

The manual membership form is now available on the website – the CA membership website pages will also be significantly updated in the next two weeks with all new member types, general information and FAQ’s.

We have also introduced a Replacement Card order form which is under Cycling Australia’s Membership Forms section, allowing members to order a replacement card directly.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information.

Kevin Young
Chief Executive Officer
Cycling NSW

Online Registration for new members (YOU GET Membership now until Dec 2011 for the price of 12 months) ... /index.cfm

Membership Renewals ... N=36546996

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Postby utopia » 02 Feb 2015, 01:50

Does anyone have any details on family membership, pricing and procedures how to get it for both silver/gold (or recreational/race) memberships?

I can't seem to find useful info on DHBC website or Cycling NSW/Australia.

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Postby Stuart » 02 Feb 2015, 15:01

Best to give CNSW a call.

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 02 Feb 2015, 15:56

Last we processed a family membership it was a handwritten form only. We had to take a cheque from the family involved and it was quite a laborious process.

Hopefully they've updated their website but I haven't had anyone confirm.

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Postby Eleri » 02 Feb 2015, 18:43

Cycling Australia is who you need to call - they determine the membership criteria and formats.

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Postby utopia » 02 Feb 2015, 22:20

Found this:

A family membership discount is available for:

• 2 adults (elite/masters) & 2 juniors (Junior Under 19 and below); OR

• 1 adult (elite/masters) & 3 juniors (Junior Under 19 and below)

with the same surname and address and in the same category (i.e. 4 x race or 4 x ride)

Please note the family membership option is not yet available online. Please contact the membership team for more information on how to apply for a family membership.

Race Membership
Fee from *
Racing Family $660
Recreational Family $169

* Please note these are the recommended membership fees only. Fees may vary by state and club. Please contact your club to confirm fees. The total fee will display when you go online to join/renew.

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Postby utopia » 03 Feb 2015, 21:06

I have the response from Cycling Australia and membership form (anyone wants to post this on an easy to get to link on DHBC website? PM me with an email address ) and a credit card payment form which I need to fill in the cost.

Can someone confirm the amount(s) for DHBC for other families that may be interested in Family Membership (seems to be an untapped segment!) ?
In my case I'm looking at a recreational membership.


Review for those who are interested:
As per

2/Feb : Emailed (as forms may go out of date, it's best to ask for the new forms)
3/Feb : Received forms (membership and payment)
5/Feb : Submitted membership form and payment form for $169 (recreational)
As I didn't get the automated response , I checked in on the status on 10/Feb , and had a confirmation it was being processed.
13/Feb : CA has completed the process, emailed me payment receipts and respective membership numbers.

PS: They did not reject the application when the Adult and Children surnames were different

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