The history of the DHBC logo, 1908 to present day

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The use of a logo did not appear to be of tantamount importance for most of DHBC's century-long existence.
Several variations of a DHBC logo have come and gone, with many existing side by side. I hope to show some of these variations which have come to light.

During the first decade and a bit of the club's existence, there appears to be no emphasis on a semblance of corporate identity or use of a club logo. I have seen quite a bit of club correspondence but no logo was used at the time. If and when I come across something, I will post it here.
The first ever rendition of a DHBC club logo appeared in a letter from the club to Ashfield Council around 1922 regarding the use of the cycle track at Pratten Park, Ashfield. Even though this was used on official club letterhead at the time, it appeared to factor little within the rest of the club. No rendition of this badge was ever adapted for club jerseys (might have been too expensive to produce at the time) or on other club paraphernalia.
DHBC crest scan.jpeg
DHBC crest scan.jpeg (644.97 KiB) Viewed 3178 times
In 2013, the retro arm of the DHBC, the Valley Wheelers, reproduced a very limited run of this logo for their retro wool jerseys.

The idea of club corporate identity was not as strong as it is nowadays. Many variations of images were used to signify the club. In the late 40s and into the 1950s, the following image was found on official club letterhead.
DHBCLetter to JC Paris 5 Sept 1950.jpg
DHBCLetter to JC Paris 5 Sept 1950.jpg (134.65 KiB) Viewed 3178 times
In the 1960s, its notorious 6-seater tandem bicycle played a prominent role in club life. The machine was used regularly in state-based parades and events and proved to be a popular local attraction. For more info on the 6-seater tandem, see:
Mick Mazza said the club regularly did publicity rides up and down Marrickville Road to attract new members to the club during this period. So by the mid to late 1960s, the monthly publication, 'The Dulwich Hill Diary' featured the 6-seater tandem. (p.s. I believe this tandem drawing was done by Mick Mazza. Back in 2016 he made reference to doing little drawings for a publication but was unsure where it was published).
DHBC 6 seater tandem logo 1967.png
DHBC 6 seater tandem logo 1967.png (786.11 KiB) Viewed 3132 times
By the early 1960s, the club again tried to update its logo. Around 1963 the club was using a new logo (see glass below). It was not used extensively, but did appear again 21 years later at the club's 76th anniversary celebrations in 1984. However the use of this new logo did not catch on and appeared to die a slow death by the 1990s.
1984 DHBC logo.jpg
1984 DHBC logo.jpg (73.89 KiB) Viewed 3178 times
After the war, several major changes were made to club kit. For one the circled 'DH' logo was adopted for the first time. I suspect this was not a club initiative but one directed from the NSW peak body, the NSW Amateur Cyclists' Union (now CyclingNSW). Many clubs adopted similar styled logos such as a circled M for the Marrickville Bicycle Club (defunct) and the P for the Petersham Bicycle Club (defunct). I believe this was done so, so that Commissaires could identify individual club competitors and teams.
This circled DH logo inadvertently will remain the mainstay logo in the club until the early 2000s.
DH logo.jpg
DH logo.jpg (4.29 KiB) Viewed 3177 times
c1962 DBC Panania crit-still from 8mm film.png
c1962 DBC Panania crit-still from 8mm film.png (811 KiB) Viewed 3177 times
Minor changes took place after 2008 largely because the club commissioned the design and production of official club kit. In 2008 the first batch of lycra jerseys were produced by the DHBC committee. A variation of the circled DH logo was used but this time also including BC within circles too.
DHBC Logo 2008.jpg
DHBC Logo 2008.jpg (67.65 KiB) Viewed 3175 times

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