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Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC) is the club for cyclists in the Inner West of Sydney. Safe. Inclusive. Cycling.

The club was formed in 1908 and prides itself on offering fellowship among cyclists, regardless of experience, ability, aspirations, or the equipment you own.

We are an inclusive club and cater for all levels of fitness, age, participation and cycling preference - be it road, track, mountain biking or even vintage and classic bicycles. We're non-for-profit, giving everything back into the club and the sport of cycling. We even have members who are active in cyclists rights, advocacy and road safety initiatives.

Riding your way.

DHBC is inclusive, safe and friendly. We ride across many disciplines, in many places, over many days. Whether you want a solid road ride before work, a long adventure ride over the weekend, a spin around the track or to get some dirt under the wheels, there is always an option in the DHBC club to ride your way.

What our members have to say

"I joined DHBC in January of 2022. My friend had told me the club was welcoming, encouraging and a great way to get into cycling. The club has been all this and more. I can definitely recommend the club to anyone keen to get into cycling."

Mehdi, a DHBC Road cycling member

Mehdi B

DHBC member

"I've been with DHBC for 8 years. Joined in 2015 and have never looked back. I love riding with them. DHBC is the club for everyone. No matter how long you’ve been riding, how old you are or your gender you will feel welcomed and supported.

Jarrad Schwark, a DHBC road cycling and Ministry of Dirt member

Jarrad Schwark

DHBC member

"I really love how safety is a priority with DHBC and the club is always looking to support and improve for its members, offering workshops, events and many other off the bike activities as well. I would recommend the club to anyone."

Anja-Mia Woodward-Watson, DHBC road cycling and road racing member

Anja-Mia Woodward-Watson

DHBC Member

"DHBC has great bunch rides catering for all levels, and always someone to ride with in any weather conditions - rain, sunny, windy - well all most any conditions."

Craig Williamson a DHBC road cycling member

Craig Williamson

DHBC Member

"The club is always there for me, and there's always something else to try. Ultimately we are all keen to ride, and we all have our own abilities, our own amounts of time we can spend riding bikes, and our own goals - but we can keep coming back together and sharing it with each other."

Ben Linburne, DHBC road cycling member

Ben Lilburne

DHBC Member

"Community lies at the heart of DHBC. Before I joined I struggled to push myself to grow at cycling. But what attracted me to the club was how inviting it was to cyclists of all levels, whether or not you're a casual social rider or a dedicated roadie, there is something for everyone."

Thomas Ellis DHBC member

Thomas Ellis

DHBC Member

DHBC is the oldest Cycling Club in NSW

The club was formed in 1908 and has a rich history of over 110 years of cycling. Since its creation, we've had members compete in the Olympics; women fight for the right to compete; developed the 6-seater tandem and were involved in the construction of our Velodrome, now known as Canterbury (Tempe) Velodrome.

The title of the oldest continuously operating bicycle club is a rather contested one. Several clubs individually lay claim to this title such as the Randwick Cycling who were originally the Randwick Botany Club (until about 2020) and before that, the Botany Cycle Club (formed 1903).

However the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club appears to be the only one to have retained its original name, not shifted geographically, and is also able to emphatically prove it has operated continuously since establishment in 1908. Intact club committee minute books dating back to 1914 exist to this day!

Our history
- The DHBC club was established along with the first social ride to Gymea Bay

- The competitive spirits of racing begun with the first organised road race

- The start of track racing, with the Marrickville Council opening a banked, 470 metre bicycle race track at Henson Park

- Women become affiliated members of NSW Amateur Cycling Union

- Lionel Cox, a long time member of the DHBC won Olympic Gold and Silver medals in the 1952 Helsinki games

- Margaret McLachlan raced and beat male counterparts, but was banned by the NSWACU and had her race license revoked

- The DHBC 6-seater tandem ‘going all the way’ with LBJ

- a 250 metre Olympic standard velodrome was completed in 1971

- The Valley Wheelers was formed in the late 2000s

- The DHBC Racing National Road Series Team was formed
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Our kit and colours

DHBC has been red for a long time. But what came before the red? Read about our history around the colour and kit that represents DHBC over the years. From the 1920's jerseys with 'black with blue collars and cuffs', to the solid red jersey with circle 'DH' badge sewn onto both sleeves and the limited edition hills jersey.

DHBC Come and Try Racing Day 2022 at Heffron Park. Photo by Mark Ross

2022 Come and Try Racing day at Heffron Park.
Photo by Mark Ross.

Everyone is welcome to join Saturday Slowies or get in touch to discuss other ride options.

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