Road Racing
Road racing

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC) encourages everyone to get involved, pin a number on their back and give it a go. As a cycling club we race in all aspects of cycling – criteriums, road races, time trials, grand fondos and more. It’s all about participation and getting involved.

Whether it's criterium races at Heffron Park, grand fondos like the Mudgee Classic and Fitz's Challenge, State or National Championships, there is something for everyone. What ever level you're at, you'll find like-minded and supportive members eager to train and race with.

Getting Started

Want to have a go at racing, but not sure where to start? Then get in touch with our existing racing members and ask advice on our DHBC Racing Facebook Page. You will need an AusCycling Racing Licence in order to participate in races, as well as a lightweight bike and helmet.

Peter Morris racing at the West Head Road Races
DHBC Come and Try Racing Day 2022 at Heffron Park. B grade
Come 'n' Try Racing

We hold regular 'Come 'n' Try Racing' sessions for all members. You don’t need a race licence for this, so it's a great way to give racing a go without any commitment. In these sessions a number of experienced racers from the club take small groups of riders around, offering advice, explaining race tactics and answering any questions you might have. Look out for our next event to come give it a go.

Road racing events

There is a form of racing for everyone, and events are available that cater for all levels of experience and talent.

From one day road races to multi-stage events, weekly series or nationals. Events can include individual or team time trials, crit races, road races, scratch and handicap events, grand fondos and more. DHBC loves to participate in racing, encouraging everyone to put on the DHBC racing wings and give it a go.

DHBC member racing at Manly Warringah West head Road Race
Road races in Sydney
The sprockets training at Tempe Velodrome
West Head Road Racing

This is the only monthly road race in Sydney. It is held on the second Sunday of the month and entry is via the Manly Warringah Cycling Club's website the week before. It offers a challenging course that will test all riders on some great riding surfaces. This is a good place to try road racing.

Juniors training around Tempe Velodrome
SXCC Crits at Waratah Park

Held Sunday mornings in Sutherland, this is a friendly and welcoming track to give racing a go on. From Juniors to graded races with women’s only grades held (numbers pending) – this is one to add to your to-do list.

DHBC Juniors standing for a photo at Dunc Gray Velodrome with their coaches
Grand Fondos

There are a number of grand fondo races on the annual calendar. From the Bowral and Mudgee Classics, to Fitz’s Challenge, Snowy Classic, Peaks Challenge, Alpine Clasic and more. That’s a lot of grand fondo action!

Join DHBC Racing
1. Get Covered
Sign up for an AusCycling race licence


2. Get in touch
Reach out to other racing members on the DHBC Racing Facebook page


3. Start racing
Turn up to an event and start racing. Start in a lower grade, ask members for advice and give racing a go.
Three track riders racing around Tempe Velodrome at the Sydney Shimano 1000Spectators in the grand stands at Tempe VelodromeJohn Mason waving to the crowd at Tempe VelodromeTwo track cyclists racing around Tempe velodrome at the Sydney Shimano 1000 2022DHBC road cyclist racing at Heffron Park CritsWill Kirkham competing in a road race
Photo from a road racing event in SydneyPeter Morris racing at Heffron Crit racesDHBC member racing at the Heffron Cirt RacesOne of the oldest road racers in Sydney at a road racing eventDHBC Women's Individual Time Trial championship 2019Cait Williamson on the winning podium in 3rd place
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between the types of road racing events?

Road cycling races have been around for centuries, with different events and formats to suit different types of riders. From sprints to endurance events, road cycling races can be divided into different categories based on the terrain and distance.

Crit racing: A criterium, or "crit" for short, is a short and fast-paced race that takes place on a closed circuit or loop, with multiple laps and tight turns, typically lasting between 30 minutes to an hour.

Grand Fondos: A Gran Fondo is a long-distance road cycling event that typically covers distances of 100-200 kilometers or more, with timed sections and non-timed sections, attracting both recreational and competitive riders.

Handicap races: A handicap race is a type of road race in which riders of different abilities are given staggered starts based on their previous race results, with the goal of having all riders finish at the same time.

Scratch Races: A scratch race is a type of race in which all riders start together and the first rider to cross the finish line wins, with no handicaps or time bonuses.

Individual Time Trials (ITT): An individual time trial is a race against the clock, with each rider starting separately and riding alone on the course, with the goal of completing the distance in the shortest possible time.

Team Time Trials (TTT): A team time trial is a race against the clock in which a team of riders works together in a paceline to complete the course as fast as possible, with each team member taking turns at the front to share the workload and maintain a high pace.

What kind of gear do I need for road cycling racing in Sydney

For road cycling racing in Sydney, you will need a road bike with drop handlebars and lightweight components. You will also need a helmet, cycling shoes, and cycling lycra. It's also important to have a good pair of sunglasses and gloves for protection and comfort.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to participate in road racing?

No, you do not need to be an experienced cyclist to participate in road racing. We do recommend that riders have a lot of cycling experience and basic bike-handling skills before starting racing. We then recommend starting in C or D grade and talking to other members to understand race etiquettes and how to get started. You can reach out to members on the DHBC Racing Facebook Page.

How can I prepare for a road cycling race in Sydney?

To prepare for a road cycling race in Sydney, it's important to train regularly and focus on building endurance and strength. This can include interval training, hill repeats, and long rides. It's also important to eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated, and to make sure you get enough rest and recovery time. Finally, make sure to familiarise yourself with the race course and any rules or regulations that may apply.

Submit your race results to DHBC

Did you compete in a race? Do you want let DHBC know how you went? Fill out the form to submit your racing results