Women's cycling in Sydney

We're a friendly and inclusive club that encourages more women to ride bikes. At DHBC we believe that cycling is not just a form of exercise but also a way of building community, fostering friendship and supporting personal growth. Our club welcomes women of all ages - from beginners to advanced cyclists, and offers a supportive and inclusive environment where women can feel comfortable and confident to pursue their passion for cycling - at whatever level.

At DHBC we believe cycling is more than just a sport - it's a way of life. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cyclist; maybe you want to improve your skills, train for an event or are interested in competitive racing - either way you're welcome at DHBC. We look forward to riding with you soon!

DHBC's women's only ride

We run a regular dedicated women's only LaPa ride. Every 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month we get together and ride to La Perouse. It's open to all women, from beginners to seasoned riders, younger to older, slower to faster.

Our women's LaPa is a no-drop ride and is led and mentored by experienced women ride leaders. We stick together and ensure we all enjoy this weekday social ride.

Photo from DHBC Women's LaPa
What our women have to say

"I find the club is very welcoming and inclusive of women. I look forward to each ride and although getting up early can be tough, you never regret it! I love the conversations and the chance to meet new people with a similar passion for cycling."

Fiona Miller, a DHBC women

Fiona Miller

DHBC Member

"I joined DHBC after experiencing encouragement, consideration and good company of club members at the TDU in Adelaide. Women's rides convinced me!  Safe, challenging rides, interesting conversations at coffee. Every day is a good day after a ride with DHBC."

Libby Anderson - DHBC member

Libby Sanderson

DHBC Member

"Through DHBC I have made friends, found my identity, challenged myself on the bike and gone further and faster than I ever thought possible. I don't know everything about bikes, I just ride, and thats makes DHBC awesome. No matter what type of riding you're looking for, there is always an option for you.

Tarryn Myburgh, DHBC Member

Tarryn Myburgh

DHBC Vice President

"Any fear I had about getting out on my bike, was soon replaced by the confidence I gained through the support and encouragement I was shown, and the lifelong friendships I've made with other women in the club"

Alli Prior - DHBC women

Alli Prior

DHBC member

"You may be thinking I’m too slow. I’m not fit enough. I’m too old - that was me! If that sounds like you, and you enjoy a good laugh too, come ride with us."

Julia Lines - DHBC women

Julia Lines

DHBC member

"I met so many friendly and experienced women riders (also men I should say) who have contributed to build my confidence through their support. I feel so grateful for all of this."

Laura Ivonne Ruiz Espinosa - DHBC women

Laura Ivonne Ruiz Espinosa

DHBC member

Photo from DHBC Women's LaPa
Social rides

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive cycling club and warmly welcome beginners to the sport. Our introductory Saturday Slowies ride is available to all members, and we also run the women's only ride. To join a ride or learn more about our women's cycling community, reach out to the club.


If you've got a competitive streak, then the club will help you harness your skills. We have a number of women competing in racing events, from road and crit races, to track, gravel, CX and mountain bike racing.

Women's road racing in Sydney
Cait Williamson training a junior cyclist at Tempe Track
Track and Juniors training

We run regular track sessions at Canterbury (Tempe) Velodrome, focusing on skills training. We encourage women to come along and give track riding a go. Track cycling teaches you to pedal smoothly and efficiently, and feel confident riding and racing in close quarters to other riders.

We offer options for girls as young as 5 to start riding, with the Juniors Wednesday training session.

1. Safety First
Read our safety and ride etiquette guides


2. Get covered
Sign up for an AusCycling licence (try it out with a 4 week-trial membership)


3. Start riding
Join our Women's LaPa or Saturday Slowies ride and meet our wome's community
Photo from DHBC Women's LaPaLaura Green taking a selfie on an adventure rideDHBC women taking a selfie on an Eastern Hills rideEleri Morgan-Thomas representing DHBC at a racing eventDHBC women riding in the 3 Peaks Cycling ChallengePhoto from DHBC Women's adventure ride through the Royal National Park
DHBC women competing in the Revolve 12+12 eventDHBC women on an adventure rideA woman racing on the TrackAmy Vesty racing is a CX eventPhoto from DHBC Women's LaPaJo Lees, a DHBC member, bringing her daughter down to the Juniors Track session
Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect when joining DHBC as a female rider?

When joining DHBC as a female rider, you can expect to be welcomed and supported by the club's members and leadership team. We organise rides that cater to different skill levels and abilities, so there will be opportunities to ride with other women of similar skill levels. We also have our women-specific LaPa ride to help female riders improve their skills and confidence on the bike. Overall, joining DHBC is a great way to meet other women who share your passion for cycling, improve your skills and fitness, and become part of a supportive and encouraging community.

Are there opportunities for female riders to race in Sydney?

Yes, there are several opportunities for female riders to race in Sydney. Some of the most popular races for female riders include the Cycling NSW Women's Race Series, which features a variety of races for different skill levels, and the NSW Women's Masters Road Championships, which is open to female riders over the age of 30. Women are encouraged to enter all races, from Crits at Landsdowne or Heffron Park, to track events, grand fondos and more.

Do I need to be a member of DHBC to ride with the club?

You can be a member of any club to ride with us, but we prefer when you choose DHBC even as a a club add on. As long as you have an active AusCycling license, you are welcome to join any of our social rides.

Do I need to be fast to ride with DHBC?

No, you do not need to be fast at all. DHBC runs a number of rides for beginner and more social riders. Both Saturday Slowies to Women's LaPa are rides that speeds cater for the slowest rider and are no-drop rides. We do encourage women to be confident on a bike and able to ride at a minimum of 20km/h. We also provide opportunities for longer rides and frequently planned adventure rides that are all no-drop. DHBC encourages all women to ride no matter the speed or pace.