Saturday Slowies

Saturday Slowies is our ride for everyone!

Leaving from The Square at 6.30am, this low-key bunch ride makes its way through Newtown and Redfern to Centennial Park. All you need to ride Saturday Slowies is a roadworthy bike, a helmet and lights. It's that easy.

This ride is a casual, no-drop ride, that always has a ride leader in attendance. New riders are very welcome and will be introduced to bunch riding if unfamiliar. The bunch travels from Marrickville to Centennial Park where riders are free to do as they please for an hour. At 8 am, the bunch regroups near CP Horse Gates to return to Marrickville and have a coffee or ride home.

Once you arrive in the park, go as hard or as easy as you like. You can stay with the ride leader, or venture off on your own. The park offers the chance to climb, sprint, practice bunch riding, or stop for a coffee.

You will never be left behind on Saturday Slowies: someone will always get you back to the starting point of the ride and help you out if you have a flat tire or a mechanical problem.

Frequently Asked Questions
How fast is Saturday Slowies and what bike can I ride?

Saturday Slowies encourages all riders to get out as a bunch and enjoy a ride. However, you will need to already be able to ride a bike and be able to ride at a minimum of 18km/h. Once you are in the park, you are welcome to ride as slowly as you like, stay with a bunch, ride on your own or simply go to one of the many cafes in the park.

Riders need to have a working roadworthy bike with brakes, lights and a helmet. So whether you ride a road bike, gravel bike, track bike, mountain bike, hybrid commuter, fixie or a vintage steel Malvern Star, you are welcome to come on Saturday Slowies social ride.

What is the distance of the Saturday Slowies road ride?

The distance of Saturday Slowies can vary from as little as 20km to 50km depending on how many laps you choose to do of the park. The bunch will ride to Centennial Parks at around 7:00am. They will then regroup at 8:00am at CP horse Gates. In-between 7:00am and 8:00am you are welcome to stay with the ride leader or go off on your own. There are options to stay on the main loop around the park or venture up the hills, through the middle or even outside the park.

Is there a ride leader on the Saturday Slowies ride?

Always. We have a dedicated ride leader rostered every week to help lead you safely, teach you bunch riding skills and introduce all the DHBC calls. Many riders choose to do this ride regularly, and can also help out when needed. The ride leader will always make sure that everyone gets safely from Marrickville to the park and back.

In the event that it's raining, the ride will be cancelled 45 minutes before the start time and this will be posted on Facebook. You can always choose to ride anyway, as long as you’re careful. Remember, riding in the rain means you need a longer time to stop and you should always have your lights on to help motorists see you.