Getting Started
Join DHBC for exciting rides and a supportive community of passionate cyclists

DHBC is one of the largest and friendliest cycling clubs in Australia. We are committed to providing a safe riding experience to all our members.

Joining DHBC cycling club is not just about riding, it's about being part of a community of passionate and supportive cyclists who share a love for adventure, fitness, and exploration, making every ride an exciting and unforgettable experience.



We have organised rides every day of the week


We put safety first and provide weekly intros to bunch riding


Insurance with AusCycling


Women's only rides and a women's chat group


Coaching and programs for juniors, starting as young as 5


We're an inclusive and welcoming club


Access to Track Cycling and the Tempe Velodrome weekly


Access and support for races, including club championships


An honest and transparent committee elected by members
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Before getting started

• Before joining one of DHBC social road cycling rides make sure your bike is in sound mechanical roadworthy condition.
• Wear an approved helmet on all rides. Do not use personal music players as they may limit your ability to hear calls and stay safe in the bunch.
• You need to have a front and rear lights if riding in the dark
•Carry spare tubes and tools at all times in case of mechanical issues

Joining Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club

So you'd like to ride with us - that's great news!

You will need have one of the memberships from the AusCycling website, choosing Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club when prompted.

There are 2 easy steps to membership

1. Take out a free 4 week trial membership with AusCycling if you're still considering whether you want a permanent membership
2. Upgrade to a Lifestyle or Race membership

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How to Join - Road Cyclists
Step 1: Read our Safe Ride Guide

We work hard to have measures in place to make our rides as safe as possible - so all riders are confident in the bunch. We ask all Members to read our Ride Etiquette and become familiar with our bunch riding calls and procedures. We ask all Members to wear their club kit and respect the club rules.

Download the Ride Etiquette
Step 2: Sign up to AusCycling for membership and insurance

You'll need to hold a current race or ride licence through AusCycling in order to ride with the club. This is so all Members are covered for insurance purposes. Become an official member of DHBC by selecting a membership from the AusCycling website and choose Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club as your club when prompted.

For those who are fairly new to riding and want to trial riding with the Club, AusCycling have a free 4-week trial membership. From there you can upgrade to a Lifestyle or Race membership.

Sign up for an AusCycling 4-week trial license
Step 3: Join a ride

Come for a ride with the best cycling club in Sydney. Start with our intro ride, Saturday Slowies and introduce yourself to the ride leader at the square. Starting every week at 6:30 from Alex Trevallion Plaza, Marrickville, the bunch will head to Centennial Park where they'll do laps around the park and learn/practise bunch riding skills for an hour. The bunch will regroup at 8:00am and roll back to Marrickville where they'll have a post ride coffee/breakfast where you can ask questions and discuss everything club/bike related.

We ask all new members to complete a Saturday Slowies ride even if you have previous bunch riding experience. We ask this as DHBC calls and procedures are different to other clubs. We aim to have accredited ride leaders on all introductory rides to manage and lead groups to ride safely.

Join Saturday Slowies Ride

Get a taste of DHBC's cycling and community. Sign up for our 4-week trial and ride with us now!

4-week trial
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to have before joining one of our social road rides

Before joining one of DHBC social road cycling rides:

• Make sure your bike is in sound mechanical and roadworthy condition.
•  Wear an approved helmet on all rides and no personal music players as they may limit your ability to hear calls and stay safe in the bunch.
• You need to have a front and rear lights if riding in the dark.
•At all times you must carry spare tubes and tools in case of a mechanical issue.

Who is the Saturday Slowies intro ride for?

Saturday Slowies is for everyone as it's the intro ride to learn the DHBC calls and procedures, and our bunch riding techniques in action to make for a safer ride

Whether you've only ridden by yourself, are a roadie whose only ridden with groups of friends, a triathlete who has never ridden in a bunch or a mountain biker looking to get into road cycling; this ride is for you. It's basically for everyone to gain a bit more confidence and join DHBC.

I am a very experienced rider do I need to do the intro ride Saturday Slowies?

Whether you have ridden for another club or a strong solo rider, we recommend starting with Saturday Slowies, even if it's only once. Everyone can benefit from improving their bunch riding skills. Another reason is that some of our calls and signals and the way we ride as bunch may be different to other clubs.

How fit do I need to be?

We have rides available for a variety of abilities from slow to fast, flat to hilly or short to long. We have a ride that is especially for riders of all fitness levels - Saturday Slowies. We encourage new riders to join in with this ride and build fitness from there. You can bring any type of bike to this ride as long as it's roadworthy.

Then we have a ride that is specifically for the middies and fasties - Sunday Waterfall. See the road page for more details and to understand pace guidelines and recommendations for each specific ride.

Where is the club located?

We are located in the Inner West of Sydney and cater to all surrounding suburbs. Our rides usually start in Marrickville from 'The Square', Alex Trevallion Plaza and our track training is at Tempe (Canterbury) Velodrome.

Can I wear headphones?

DHBC enforces a strict "no personal music player" policy on all club rides so please leave the headphones at home or in your back pocket.