Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club Juniors

DHBC welcomes, encourages and supports the training of all junior cyclists. We run junior track sessions at Tempe (Canterbury) Velodrome every Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm. The program is open to all kids aged 5-18, and from any member of an AusCycling affiliated club (not just DHBC).

Kids are welcome to come and try track cycling for fun. If you decide to take your riding to the limit in competition - we'll be right behind you! You could become the next Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny or Laura Kenny. All world champion cyclists start at their local club and DHBC wants you to start your cycling journey with us.

Junior cycling groups
The sprockets training at Tempe Velodrome
The Sprockets (5-8)

Join The Sprockets and start riding the track as early as 5. It's all about learning discipline and bike skills whilst having fun.

Juniors training around Tempe Velodrome
Small Chainrings (8-18)

From age 8, you can start to get involved in drills and efforts, as well as track racing. Build connections and gain cycling skills.

DHBC Juniors standing for a photo at Dunc Gray Velodrome with their coaches
The Coaches

Our training sessions are led by Colin Williamson and Charlie Dale, both experienced, accredited cycling coaches.

Certified coach training a junior track cyclist
Cost and Term Dates

We use school term-based fee structure, of $130 per term. DHBC is also an approved Active Kids provider, which means families can save with their NSW vouchers.

We offer a 10% dicount on the second child, $117 and 15% discount on the third child, $110.50.

Term 1: Monday 29th January - Sunday 28th April
Term 2: Monday 29th April - Sunday 21st July
Term 3: Monday 22nd July - Sunday 13th October
Term 4: Monday 14th October - Sunday 29th December

Come and try the track
Not ready to commit to a whole term, that's okay. Come and try for two weeks at $15 a session and give the track a go.

Note: You will also need an Auscycling license, which you can sign up for a 4 week trial further down the page


Tempe (Canterbury) Velodrome is located at Bayview ave, Earlwood NSW. The track is made of concrete and is 333 metres around at its shortest point, with the corners banked to a maximum of 32 degrees.

Canterbury (Tempe) Velodrome location
Certified coach training a junior track cyclist
Skill Development

Learning to ride a track bike is a great way to develop your cycling skills. With our coached lessons, we teach juniors discipline to pedal smoothly and efficiently, and help juniors feel confident riding and racing in close quarters to other riders.

Join DHBC Juniors Cycling
1. Get Covered
Sign up for an AusCycling license (try it out with a 4 week-trial membership)


2. Come along
Bring yourself, a helmet and gloves along to the track and meet the coaches. We'll find a bike for you and get you set up to ride and pay $15 for a session upon arrival


3. Start riding
Work with our coaches to learn how to ride and enjoy riding with other juniors
Note: You will also need to pay a track fee, which is $15 for the first two weeks, and then a term fee structure afterwards
Juniors racing at the Sydney Shimano 1000Juniors lining up on the bar at Tempe VelodromeThe sprockets junior rider cycling around Tempe VelodromeDHBC Juniors at a training sessionJuniors sitting on the sidelines waiting for their event at the Sydney Shimano 1000Juniors training at Tempe Velodrome
Small Chainrings rider racing at the Sydney Shimano 1000 around Tempe VelodromeA junior rider trying out track cycling at the Come and Try Track dayDHBC Juniors at Tempe VelodromeThe Sprockets rider stepping up to race at the Sydney Shimano 1000DHBC Junior standing on the podium in 1st placeJuniors lining up at the start line to race around Tempe Velodrome
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the club have a bike I can borrow?

The club has several bikes for loan free of charge but if you have your own track bike feel free to use it.  After you've become proficient we'd hope that you will buy your own. This will help to get other new riders out on the track and ensure that everyone gets plenty of track time. Quite often older juniors will sell their smaller bikes as they grow, so look out for those too.  We can also point you in the right direction if you wish to buy a new one.  Please don’t hesitate to chat with one of the coaches or experienced members of the Club.

What happens to training if it's raining?

Consistency is key in training too. Sessions will be held over the school holidays and will go ahead regardless of the weather. If it rains out, the coaches will set up indoor training sessions on rollers and trainers.

Can my child join in the middle of the term?

Yes. Children are welcome to come anytime and try the track for two sessions during the middle of a term, at $15 per session. If they love it and want to keep going, the term fees will be paid pro rata.

What type of bike and gearing do I need?

Road and recreational bicycles are generally not allowed on the track. Track bikes have a "fixed gear", no brakes and drop handlebars.

The gear "rollout" for junior bikes vary. Pushing a really big, hard gear can be detrimental to a junior’s physical development, so the gear rollouts are restricted depending on the age of the rider (rollout is the distance the bike travels in a straight line in one full revolution of the pedals). For example under 13s is 5.5 metres and under 15s is 6 metres. Our coaches will advise on gearing restrictions for competition. The club will help to set-up your bike correctly.  Whilst it is not a difficult task, it does require specific tools, spare chainrings and sprockets which we can help you with.

Do juniors need to be a member of DHBC to ride the track?

You can be a member of any club to ride with us. As long as you have an active AusCycling license, you are welcome to come down to one of our training sessions.

Can juniors participate in road cycling with the club?

Most rack cyclists appreciate  the benefits of building up their skills and endurance through road riding. DHBC Juniors members are welcome to join our club rides provided they are accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. The best ride for you to start with is our weekly Saturday Slowies. The ride leaves from the corner of the Post Office Square located at the intersection of Silver St and Marrickville Rd, Marrickville at 6.30am sharp (best to be at least 5 minutes early). It's a guided ride which takes cycle-friendly routes to Centennial Park and back. Friendships are cemented over breakfast on Marrickville Road after the ride.

Can parents ride with their child?

No. Parents aren't allowed to ride with their kids during junior training sessions. However there is a training circle ("warmup track") in the middle of the velodrome where parents can accompany their child to get them comfortable. Parents can sit in the grandstands, watch and support riders or get involved with supporting the coaches with tasks.

Does DHBC teach children to ride bicycles?

No. DHBC doesn't run first-time "How to ride" classes. Kids will need to learn and practise basic riding before coming to one of our track sessions. If you are having trouble teaching your child to ride a bike, you can get in contact with one of our coaches and arrange some one-on-one coaching sessions.

Submit your junior race results to DHBC

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