Track Cycling
Track Sessions at Tempe (Canterbury) Velodrome

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC) loves the track and we have regular weekly training sessions and a large and active group of track cyclists. Track cycling is a great way to gain fitness in a safe and controlled environment - away from the busy hustle and bustle of Sydney traffic.

If you're looking for a thrilling and exhilarating way to get fit and challenge yourself, then why not try track cycling? With its high speeds, steep banks, and intense competitions available, track cycling is a sport like no other. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner, there's no better time than now to get started. You'll improve your fitness and endurance, burn calories, and build strength and agility as you navigate the track. And it's loads of fun.

DHBC Track training at Tempe Velodrome
Track training

Mon 7pm (warmup from 6:30pm)

Wed 7pm (following 5pm juniors)

The training sessions are open to all ages and abilities and there is no racing requirement: many riders come purely to push themselves and enjoy some drills and efforts. Members from all clubs are welcome with an active AusCycling license.

Track Racing

There is a form of racing for everyone, and events are available that cater for all levels of experience and talent.

From one day events to weekly series or nationals. Events can include individual and team time trials, points races, match sprints, Madisons, Keirins and more. DHBC loves to participate in racing, encouraging everyone to put on the DHBC racing wings and give it a go. At our training sessions we help to give you the skills and knowledge to enter races and have fun.

Two track riders racing around Tempe Velodrome
Aerial view of Tempe Velodrome location
Location and cost

Tempe (Canterbury) Velodrome is located at Bayview ave, Earlwood NSW. The track is made of concrete and is 333 metres around at its shortest point, with the corners banked to a maximum of 32 degrees.

The session fee is $15 for the first session in a week and $10 for subsequent sessions. Session fees include bike hire.

Skill Development

Learning to ride a track bike is a great way to develop your cycling skills, at any age, and will undoubtedly help your road cycling, as a junior or an adult.

Track cycling teaches you to pedal smoothly and efficiently, and feel confident riding and racing in close quarters to other riders. It also teaches you to sprint and ‘read the race’ and anticipate the tactics of the other riders.

Charlie Dale preparing for a track cycling race

Before Getting Started

Bike icon
Beginners are welcome
Beginners of all ages are welcome to come along and give it a try anytime. Arrive early and introduce yourself to others.
Bike sizing icon
Take your measurements (if possible)
If you are looking to borrow a track bike and already own a different type of bike, you can measure your seat height (middle of crank bolt to top of seat, along the line of the seat tube) and we can setup the track bike straight away. Otherwise we can guess & adjust.
Bike Pedals icon
Bring your pedals (if you ride with something special)
We have a range of standard pedals available to borrow, from SPD to Shimano, plus toe clips and strips available. If you're not sure we have what you use, then it's best to bring it with you to be safe.
Join DHBC Track Cycling
1. Get Covered
Sign up for an AusCycling license (try it out with a 4 week-trial membership)


2. Get set up
Turn up on Monday or Wednesday to our training sessions, borrow a bike and get set up


3. Start riding
Start riding and learn how to ride the banks, handle no brakes and enjoy track riding
Charlie Dale and David Dight riding on the trackMonday Track training night at Tempe VelodromeJohn Mason waving to the crowd at Tempe VelodromeTwo track cyclists racing around Tempe velodrome at the Sydney Shimano 1000 2022Track cyclist smiling on the Tempe Velodrome trackSpectators in the grand stands at Tempe Velodrome
DHBC Track Cyclists standing for a photo at Dunc Gray VelodromeSydney Shimano 1000 - 2022Cyclists riding around on a track training nightCharlie on the Motorpacer at Tempe VelodromeRacing event at the Sydney Shimano 1000 - 2022DHBC Track training night
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the club have a bike I can borrow?

We have a wide range of track bikes available from junior to adult sizes. The bike hire is included in the session fee, which is $15 for the first session in a week and $10 for subsequent sessions.

We suggest you measure your seat height (middle of crank bolt to top of seat, along the line of the seat tube) so we can set up the loan bike to suit your needs, otherwise we can guess & adjust as you go.

We have a range of clipless pedals as well as the traditional toe clips and straps available. We recommend you bring your own pedal if you use something special.

What type of bike do I need?

Track bikes have a single fixed gear and no brakes! We have bikes available to borrow, which are included in the track hire fees. If you choose to bring your own, you will need to make sure it has a fixed gear, no brakes and drop handlebars. You will also need a helmet, cycling shoes, and appropriate clothing.

Do I need to be a member of DHBC to ride the track?

You can be a member of any club to ride with us. As long as you have an active AusCycling license, you are welcome to come down to one of our training sessions.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to participate in track cycling?

No, you do not need to be an experienced cyclist to participate in track cycling. We do recommend that riders have some cycling experience and basic bike-handling skills before starting track. We offer training sessions for beginners, and riders can progress at their own pace.

Submit your track race results to DHBC

Did you compete in a race? Do you want let DHBC know how you went? Fill out the form to submit your racing results