Women's LaPa

Women's LaPa runs on the first and third Thursdays of the month. It is a no-drop ride that rides the speed of the slowest rider.

DHBC has a regular weekday morning ride for women, running on the first and third Thursdays of the month.

The ride is paced at about 22km/h and suits novice to experienced road riders. It's a no-drop ride that is led and mentored by experienced women ride leaders. Assistance is provided with mechanicals and flat tyres and no one is left behind. The ride leaves Marrickville via Centennial Park and heads down a safe route to La Perouse, before returning via Anzac Parade to Surry Hills for coffee around 7.30am depending on speed.

The ride can be joined at 5.30am from The Square OR at 6:00am from CP Horse Gates.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can join the womens lapa ride?

All women are encouraged. From younger to older, newer to more experienced riders, all women are encouraged to join this social ride. All you need is a roadworthy bike, lights and a helmet.

What is the average pace of the womens lapa ride?

The Women's LaPa aims for an average of around 22-23km/h. Depending on the riders on the day, we can always increase or decrease the speeds as needed, calling 'ease up' or regrouping on any climbs.

Are there any shortcuts or bail out options?

This ride doesn't really have any opportunities to take shortcuts, however, there are options to bail. You could choose to turn around at any time on your own and head back home or to the cafe in Surry Hills. Alternatively, you could catch the tram on Anzac pde and head into the city. We recommend staying with the group instead and we could always reduce the pace to make it easier.