25's LaPa

25's LaPa runs every Saturday, leaving the Square at 6:00am sharp. It is a no-drop ride aimed at 25's riders looking to step up from Saturday Slowies and the perfect bridging ride to progress from Saturday Slowies to Kurnell or 25’s Waterfall. It's mostly flat and around 50km.

This route departs from The Square, heading through Redfern to Centennial Park, over to La Perouse (LaPa) and the containers in Port Botany. At LaPa, there is an opportunity to refill your water bottle if needed. From there, the bunch will return to Marrickville via Centennial Park. The route is a great introduction to riding on Sydney's roads.

Frequently Asked Questions
How fast are the DHBC bunches on 25s Lapa?

The average speed can vary from 22-25km/h depending on who turns up. This ride is a no-drop ride. No-drop means we never leave a rider behind, and only ride as fast as the slowest rider. The bunch will regroup at the top of hills and call 'ease up' if the pace is too fast.

25's LaPa is aimed at riders that can maintain a 23km/h pace on the flats and it is recommended that you have ridden Saturday Slowies before.

Are there any shortcuts or bail out options?

This ride has a few options to bail and take shortcuts. Firstly, once you arrive at Centennial Park, you could choose to stay in the park and bail on the LaPa ride There is also a tram line along the Anzac parade that you could take and head back to the city.

You can choose to skip the containers and wait for the bunch to complete the in and out section. You can also choose to skip the LaPa loop and wait at the roundabout for the bunch to go around (however you'll miss the photo).

How do I know if the 25s Lapa ride is for me?

If Saturday Slowies is rideable and you're looking for the next step up, then 25's LaPa is the perfect ride for you. Because the route goes through Centennial Park, you can always choose to stay in the park if you are not feeling up to the adventure. This is a no-drop ride that rides as fast as the slowest rider, so it's recommended for everyone.