Akuna Bay - 2nd Sunday

Akuna Bay runs on the second Sunday of the month, leaving The Square at 6:00am sharp. The ride continues to Wattle Street and Pyrmont Bridge, which are alternative starting points. The ride heads across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through Mosman past the Northern beaches before heading to Church Point, to start the beautiful scenic Akuna Bay loop. This ride is for 28's riders looking to step up from the regular Sunday Waterfall ride.

At Church Point, the bunch will stop to refill water bottles ready for the Akuna climb, and discuss the options available. The bunch will head up from Church Point to the West Head turn off (120m over 5km), where there is an option to split. The main bunch will turn right and then left  into the Akuna Bay climb (340m over 13km). Alternatively, if you are feeling tired, are a slower rider or are directed by a ride leader, you can continue straight up McCarrs Creek Road (120m over 3km). The bunch will regroup in Terrey Hills at Frank Beckman Reserve, Yulong Avenue where there are toilet facilities.

After everyone regroups at Terrey Hills, the bunch will continue through Frenchs Forest, back to Mosman, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, finishing the ride in Pyrmont. From Pyrmont, the bunch can decide to go for coffee in Redfern or head home.

This ride is recommended for riders who are experienced with bunch riding and regularly do Eastern Hills and 28's Waterfall, as it is a longer ride with some big climbs and technical descents.

Frequently Asked Questions
How fast are the bunches on the Akuna Bay ride?

Akuna Bay is aimed at riders with strong fitness and the ability to sustain a 28km/h average on flats. The overall average ride speed can vary from 24-28km/h depending on the wind direction, traffic lights and climbing options.

Riders need to be comfortable riding on suburban roads with cars and heavy traffic.

You need to carry two spare tubes, 2 water bottles and some food. At Church point (42km) we have a very quick 5 minute stop, where there are toilet facilities, and you can refill your water bottle or purchase a snack. The next stop is Terrey Hills (64km) after the Akuna bay climb, where you can refill your water bottles. It’s better to carry too much food and take it home with you, then run out of energy and struggle on the ride.

Are there any shortcuts or bail out options on the Akuna Bay ride?

This ride has very few options for bailing out. After Terrey Hills, you could choose to ride down Mona Vale Road and get the train from Pymble.

The main Akuna Bay climb can be avoided by taking the only shortcut available on the whole ride. Instead of turning right at the West Head turnoff and then left onto Akuna Bay, you could continue straight up McCarrs Creek Road. This is still a climb, however it is around 240 metres less elevation and 10km shorter.

How do I know if the Akuna Bay ride is for me?

We recommend this ride for riders who are comfortable completing 28's Waterfall and Eastern Hill rides. This is the next step up with longer climbs and further distances. As always, the bunch will regroup at the top of the climbs.

Akuna Bay cycling route has some long climbs and sections of roads that can see averages over 28km/h. There is a ride leader to take care of everyone and manage the pace, as well as the option to do the shorter climb.

Note: In Akuna Bay you can end up being on your own, climbing at your own pace. The group will always regroup at the top of the Akuna Bay climb at Terry Hills at Frank Beckman Reserve, Yulong Avenue.