Kurnell - 1st Sunday

Kurnell runs on the 1st Sunday of the month, leaving The Square at 6:30am. It is a no-drop ride aimed at 25's riders looking to get used to the distance. It's a ride that's midway between 25's LaPa and 25's Waterfall, being a flat ride that is around 70km. As there are some long flat stretches, you'll want to be able to maintain a 25km/h average speed to do this ride comfortably.

This Sydney cycling route departs from The Square, heading through Brighton-Le-Sands, over Captain Cook Bridge and down Captain Cook Dr to Kurnell and Cape Solander. Depending on the group, there is an optional coffee stop in Kurnell, before cycling back on the same route to The Square, where you can often join the Waterfall bunches at the cafe.

We recommend carrying two spare tubes, 2 water bottles and some food. It is better to carry extra food and take it back home with you, then run out of energy.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Kurnell a no-drop ride and what does that mean exactly?

Kurnell is a no-drop ride. No-drop means we never leave a rider behind and we will only ride as fast as the slowest rider, regroup at the top of hills and call 'ease up' if the pace is too fast.

However, no-drop is different to speed recommendations. Kurnell is aimed at riders that can maintain a 25km/h pace on the flats and it is recommended that you are comfortable with Saturday's 25's LaPa.

Are there any shortcuts or bail out options on the Kurnell ride?

The Kurnell ride has a number of train stops close by that are available to use for bailing out if you have a mechanical, are too tired, or have simply had enough. After Captain Cook Bridge, there is Miranda Station, Caringbah Station and Cronulla Station all close by. You could choose to bail before Kurnell, or afterwards at any of these three stations. And remember, if the pace is too high, you can always call 'ease up' or speak to the ride leader about reducing the speed, in order to make it easier for you to stay on the ride.

There are no shortcuts on this ride, only the option to turn around and ride back alone to The Square.

Who is the Kurnell ride suited for and does the bunch stop for coffee half way

DHBC's Kurnell ride is suited for 25's riders and for those looking to try longer rides without the climbing. Everyone is welcome to join this ride and remember that it is an entry-level ride recommended for slower riders. Depending on the riders that turn up on the day, there is an optional cafe stop in Kurnell, which is around the 35km point.