Sunday Waterfall

Every Sunday morning, DHBC has four bunches riding the 76km from Marrickville to Waterfall and back starting at 6:30am from The Square.

This ride takes between 2.5 and 3.5 hours (depending on which bunch you're in) and involves riding in a bunch on major roads with sometimes heavy traffic and about 650m of climbing. This ride is a fantastic way to learn lots of bunch riding skills with multiple exit points near train stations. There is a short rest break at 38km at the Waterfall turnaround, and then a chance to use the toilet, purchase a snack or refill your water bottles at around 50km in Sutherland at the 7-Eleven Service Station.

DHBC operates four bunches for this ride - the bunches leave approximately 1 minute apart, from fastest to slowest. Average speeds are indicative only (except for 25’s) as it depends on who turns up on the day.


With a target average speed of 25km/h, this is the place to start your Waterfall experience as it is a no-drop bunch. The whole bunch stops for flats and mechanicals and you'll almost always have an accredited coach leading the bunch, although this is not always possible. It's a great stepping stone to longer rides. This is the best bunch for your first Waterfall, as faster bunches assume you have acquired all the necessary bunch riding skills and some knowledge of the route.


The 28’s bunch is expected to average 28km/h, but not to attack the hills. Any riders dropped can regroup with the 25’s or ride independently.  A ride leader is usually present.


The “Middies” bunch should average 31km/h. This bunch is not for new riders. Expect to go hard for the whole journey. Dropped riders can regroup with the 28’s or ride independently.


The “Fasties” bunch averages over 32km/h. Our fittest, fastest, members (mostly active racers) use this as one of their major training rides for the week.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which bunch to ride with?

If you have never ridden with DHBC before or have never been to Waterfall, then we recommend you ride with the 25’s first. Even if you can ride faster, it is the best place to start so you can familiarise yourself with the route and bunch calls.

If you have acquired the necessary bunch riding skills, are looking for a challenge and are prepared to be dropped, then you are welcome to try any of the 28's, Middies or Fasties bunches. Just remember, the speeds can vary depending on who turns up on the day, and they are all drop rides. This means if you cannot keep up with the pace, you will be dropped and end up riding on your own unless you wait for 25's bunch.

Are there any shortcuts or bail out options?

Yes. This route follows the train line from Sutherland to Waterfall, which has multiple train stations along the way. If you are struggling, tired or have a mechanical, you can always jump on a train to head home. Alternatively, you can choose to turn around on your own at any time and ride back to The Square alone.

What happens if it is raining?

In the event that it's raining, the ride will be cancelled 45 minutes before the start time and this will be posted on Facebook. You can always choose to ride anyway, as long as you’re careful. Remember, riding in the rain means you need a longer time to stop and you should always have your lights on to help motorists see you.