Tour of Maroubra (ToM)

Tour of Maroubra (ToM) meets every Wednesday at 5:35am Redfern Station and 5:50am CP Horse Gates. The ride heads through CP and onto different hills through Coogee, Maroubra and Malabar. The route often varies from week to week depending on the number of riders and the experience.

ToM is a quick-paced ride with some sharp pinches and short tough climbs. It is recommended for 28's riders with Eastern Hills experience. ToM aims to meet up with the regular Wednesday LaPa bunch at La Perouse before heading to Surry Hills for coffee, off to work or back to Marrickville.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the ToM ride have a ride leader?

Most weeks ToM will have a ride leader, but it is not guaranteed. If the ride leader is away, senior riders will step up and guide the bunch. However, this ride is aimed at more experienced riders and it's recommended you can comfortably ride the Wednesday LaPa before trying ToM.

Are there any shortcuts or bail out options on the ToM ride?

The ToM route changes frequently and therefore shortcuts aren't really an option. There are a number of hills in the Maroubra and Coogee area, and each week the particular route will vary. You will need to have some climbing legs.

There is an option to bail on the hills, and head straight down Anzac pde to meet the bunch at La Perouse. Alternatively, you could catch a tram on Anzac pde and head to the city, or simply turn around and ride home on your own at any point.

How do I know if the ToM ride is for me?

The Tour of Maroubra road cycling route has a number of tough climbs and pinches. It means you need to be comfortable climbing hills and navigating traffic. The route uses main suburban roads that can be heavy with morning traffic.

With the route changing weekly, you need to be comfortable navigating roads and turns, as well as being able to ride solo in the event that you want to bail or accidentally lose the bunch on one of the many turns.  We recommend you be experienced with Eastern Hills before trying out ToM. This will ensure you are comfortable with climbing, as ToM can be a little faster, and has times to aim for.