Wednesday LaPa

Wednesday LaPa leaves The Square at 6:00am sharp, heading past the airport, along Wentworth Avenue and up through Malabar to La Perouse (LaPa). At LaPa, we stop and meet the ToM bunch and take a group photo together. We then return via Anzac Parade and then onto Surry Hills for coffee, off to work or back to the Inner West.

Depending on numbers, we may split into two groups on the way out to LaPa, and up to three groups on the return ride from LaPa. The return trip will generally see the bunches split by speeds, allowing faster riders to challenge themselves on the return and reach speeds of up to 40km/h on the flats.

This ride will always have a rostered ride leader and is a no-drop ride appropriate for 28’s paced riders. It is recommended that you can hold at a minimum 28km/h pace on the flats for at least 10 minutes straight. However, it is a relatively flat ride, with two short climbs in Malabar and a short climb upon leaving LaPa. We aim to leave no one behind.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does no-drop and 28's pace mean?

No-drop cycling refers to all riders in a group staying together. This means that no one will be left behind (unless their ability is clearly not up to the ride), and we will regroup if the bunch splits (e.g. at traffic lights). Whilst we aim to not leave anyone behind, we still ride at a relatively fast pace. You will want to be able to hold 28km/h on a flat surface for at least 10 minutes to be comfortable joining this ride.

What happens if its raining?

In the event that it is raining, the rostered ride leaders may not be at The Square. There will be no official announcement or cancellation for this ride. Instead, it is up to you as a rider to decide whether the conditions are appropriate for you. If you choose to ride in wet weather, you do so at your own risk. Remember to stay safe when it rains, keep your lights on and allow for more time to brake and stop.

How do I know if the Wednesday Lapa ride is for me?

The Wednesday LaPa route goes through busy traffic areas and suburban roads. You need to make sure you are comfortable riding with cars next to you and can handle the traffic. It is important to allow the ride leaders to take care of the bunch. Whilst it is a no-drop ride, it is still overall a relatively fast ride, recommended for 28’s paced riders.

We recommend trying this ride on Saturday first with the 25’s LaPa. Whilst they do a slightly different route, it can help to become familiar with the area and start to understand the roads